What is Mortgage Protection Insurance?

How would your mortgage be repaid in the event of death or if you faced a serious illness? What protection do you have and is it adequate.


Mortgage protection Insurance

We have a duty of care to offer you the information and options available without any obligation to commit. We insure our houses and our cars but we often forget to insure our most important asset... ourselves.

Mortgage protection can provide piece of mind by helping protect you, your partner, your family and your home in the event that you were to die prematurely or get seriously ill. It helps to provide dignity, control and choice in stressful times.

Although we don't specialise in Insurance, we do work closely with insurance partners we know and trust who can provide you with the right solution for your particular needs. The agents we work with will provide you with the information you need to ensure you have the knowledge to make an informed decision about what is right for your situation. There is no obligation to do anything. But it is wise to know your options. We strongly recommend that you at least talk with somebody about your personal insurance requirements.

General Insurance

We have partners that specialise in this field and they can help insure your house and contents, investment property/s, and motor vehicle/s. This is more of a convenience for you to save you time if you don’t have anyone. They can provide products that are well known, highly featured and well priced. Once again this is optional to you and not something you have to do with us. You just need to know that we offer it if you need it.