Purchasing Property in your SMSF.

Ready to purchase a property in your Self Managed Super Fund so you can retire more comfortably? Look no further. We will walk you through the entire process, from the set-up of your Superfund, thru the loan process... and even with the property hunting too.

The SMSF Process


We have dozens of lenders with money for SMSF loans. The only thing is, they all have different lending criteria. Rather than knock on every lenders' door until you find the right one for your situation, let us do the legwork for you. We know exactly what each lender wants, so it's simply a matter of matching you with the appropriate lender.

With regards to the set-up, if you don't already have it, here's what you'll need to do...

Set up a Self Managed Super FundThis is where your existing contributions will be transferred to, and all future contributions will go.
Set up a Trustee for the Super FundThe Trustee is the Borrower. Can either be the individual members of the Super Fund or a company of which the members are directors.

Set up a Bare Trust In which to purchase the property and hold the asset until the loan is paid off and is returned to the Super Fund. The lender will sometimes set this up.
Set up a Corporate Trustee for the Bare TrustThe bare trust's trustee is the legal owner of the property during the life of the loan arrangement and holds the asset on behalf of the SMSF trustee who is the beneficial owner.

This may all sound very confusing, but don't worry... we know what we're doing. We have professional partners to take care of each and every aspect of setting up your SMSF right through to finding you the right property. You can be as involved as you like... or you can simply leave it to the experts. The choice is yours.